The experience for your future.

Region 3 Events

Region 3 – Tampa/ Ft. Myers

The experience for your future.
Theme: Communication

2018 Program Dates include:

Session 1: Introduction to Communication

Tuesday, July 31, 2018
NLC | 1408 N. Westshore Blvd. | Suite 140 | Tampa, FL 33607
12:30 – 4:00 PM
Breakfast Included

Participants will begin by completing DiSC with Scott Bradbary and then discuss how communication plays a part in leadership within their organization and throughout the accounting profession.

Learn more about Scott Bradbary here.

Information about Silvana Capaldi coming soon!

Session 2: Communicating Locally

Participants will be introduced to key individuals within the Not-for-Profit Community, State and Local Government. They will learn how the issues that are emerging and how they are impacting the community.

Date: TBD
Tampa, FL

8:00AM – 12:00PM, Breakfast Included.

Emerging Leaders Summit – Early January (3 days)

Location Tallahassee: More information to come.

More About the FICPA Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders Program is comprised of six regional one day events throughout the state occurring in August and September 2018. Those selected typically attend one event in their local region. The second part of this program is the Emerging Leaders Summit in Tallahassee in December.
During each regional session, participants interacted with community and state leaders about the issues impacting their communities and profession. Each regional session focused on key issues that are specific to the region while intertwining leadership skills and development insights from local leaders.
The experiences participants have in the program provide them with the opportunity to build relationships across the state, become engaged with local thought leaders, and empower them to become a leader within their organization, community, and the CPA profession.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • FICPA YCPA member (35 years old or under)
  • An active CPA License